Hello world and all who inhabit it! X) My name is Kaitlynn with TWO N's. Almost everyone spells my name wrong; it's really annoying... Anyway. I'm 19 and I'm currently a freshman in college. I'm a theater major and a Spanish minor (although I'm not really feeling the whole Spanish thing anymore...) I looooove Queer as Folk, Monk, giraffes, puppies, kittens, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Johnny Depp-ok, I think you got the point. I absolutely hate Glee (no offense to anyone who is a fan) and I think Benedict Cumberbatch is ugly again, no offense). I'm open to absolutely anything, so feel free to ask me questions. I love answering them. X) Well, I should probably stop ranting now. Ok, bye. X) Oh, and Jenna Marbles is my spirit animal.

20th April 2014

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"Now as soon as life returns to normal, so will you. Back from the dead."

"Not without you."

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18th April 2014


I love You,

Mon Papillon

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18th April 2014


So I was just scrolling through some naughty stuff on here with my boyfriend, when we see this-what we believed to be a woman-when BOOM, she has a penis. Guys…he literally screamed. Hahahahahahaha Funniest thing ever.

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18th December 2013

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17th December 2013

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12th October 2013

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"College as explained to me in high school" vs. "College as experienced firsthand"

  • In high school they told us: There will be no grades in a class except the midterm and the final, so you have to study hard because failing one test means you fail the class.
  • Once I was in college a professor said: Hey, you guys are working really hard on your third paper, so I'm just going to cancel the final and give everyone a hundred on it.
  • In high school they told us: In college, class always begins exactly at the scheduled start time. If your class is at 9 AM and you get there at 9:01, the doors will be locked and you'll be out of luck, especially if it's the day of the midterm or final, because then you get a zero.
  • Once I was in college a professor said: Does anyone mind if I start class at 3:35 instead of 3:30? These elevators are really slow and I want to have time for a cigarette before I teach for 90 minutes.
  • In high school they told us: Every class you miss drops you a full letter grade in college courses.
  • Once I was in college almost every professor said: You can miss three classes without a penalty, and a few more if you have a Doctor's note. Sorry to be a hardass, but you automatically fail if you miss more than ten days of class.
  • In high school they told us: If you do have papers, your professors just lecture and put the assignments on the syllabus. You're completely responsible for remembering the deadlines, they won't remind you. All your professors will do is lecture and the rest is up to you.
  • Once I was in college a professor said: Okay, so your next paper is in two weeks! I'll keep reminding you in the interim, but I just want to make sure you have enough time to do it! Let's run through the structure I want to see real quick, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me or come to my office hours!
  • In high school they told us: You have to use MLA formatting and if you make any mistakes in your citations, it'll be considered plagiarism. You'll be expelled and probably sued.
  • Once I was in college almost every professor said: Please do not use MLA, it is awful, we use either APA or Chicago here because we are not 14 years old.

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4th October 2013


God, that was lovely. :) We went out for dinner, then walked by the river. Then he kissed me. It was glorious.

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28th September 2013

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17th September 2013

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16th September 2013

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yo, it’s almost halloween again

you know what that means



This is my favorite post ever.

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